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Threats type: Rat

Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is a malicious software with the help of which some hackers manage your computer and control it without user’s permission through the Internet connection.
Some criminal hackers use RAT to get a remote access to user’s computer as well:

  • Because of RATs’ activity you can find yourself exposed into the scams. Malicious web-site can become a decoy-duck without user’s suspicion.
  • RATs can delete some files and programs without user’s permission and if you can’t notice it in time you will be able to lose some important information irrevocably.
  • RATs can record your typing and send these documents to a third party.
  • RATs can capture your media files and pass them to another computer.
  • Unauthorized stopping of user’s processes and programs is a result of RATs activity.
  • RATs can manage pop-up ads and disturb you by it.
  • Due to RATs your computer can become a source of infection and spread RATs onto other computers.

Your computer safety is in your hands regardless of RATs activity! Just purchase Active Shield or True Sword and your safety won’t be a problem any longer iregardless RATs invaded your computer or not.

Security Stronghold threat catalog: 122, current: 130

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